Achilet is a small village near Tororo, Uganda and is the location of our first school in East Africa, of which the property for the school was donated by the chief and elders.  So far, this school has enrolled 150 students, most of which are orphaned, directly from the bush, and live in poverty.   Our current strategy incorporates training local teachers and administrators specific to the areas where these schools are located for the purpose of respecting unique cultural differences between tribes.

The Lord used the children in these photos to speak to me about starting our very first school.  Through your generous giving we have been able to provide their first medical attention, uniforms, school buildings and supplies, in addition to teachers and the best meals that some of these children eat each  day.  We believe that these same children will be used as leaders to establish a Kingdom of God culture in Achilet!

Current needs include:

  • An administrative director

  • Additional teachers and two additional classrooms

  • A kitchen, a well, and a cow for fresh milk.