Maji! Swahili for Water!

Maji! Swahili for Water!

Maji! Swahili for Water!  So excited we now have water run to our school in Achilet.  Imagine having to transport enough water for 150 students plus staff for morning porridge, lunch, cleaning and just getting a drink!  As importantly....

Greetings! or in Samburu...Sopa!

Greetings!      or in Samburu...Sopa!

The Lord loves His sons and daughters, whatever their zip code!  

A few years ago I met Jama, a Samburu, on a trip to Kenya.  He said that no one would take the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom to his people, in the desert.  

Immediately the Lord spoke to me and said that He has sons and daughters in the desert but who will tell them?