Vision & Mission

Thank you for taking time to consider the vision, mission and strategy of Break the Cycle Global.   We invite you to partner with us in advancing the Kingdom of God in East Africa.

Our Vision: to be a conduit to the nations of hope and healing for spirit, soul and body.

Our Mission: to advance the Kingdom of God, while leaving a small footprint and developing sustainable solutions.

East Africa is rich in natural resources but by supporting local leadership we are helping to develop the greatest resource of all, the people of East Africa!
— John L. Kellogg, Director

Our Three Fold Strategy:

  1. To establish schools of excellence for the purpose of raising up young leaders who will impact their communities and their culture for Christ.  These schools will enroll children three to five years of age into high quality educational programs in a loving and supportive environment where their basic needs are met but most importantly where they grow up knowing they have a destiny of hope and purpose in Christ.  In 15 to 20 years these young men and women will be equipped to impact and even transform their communities, their culture and their nation.  To that end, we have enrolled 250 students in schools in two different locations with two more locations opening in 2017 for a total enrollment of approximately 400 future leaders in training!  

  2. To establish mature spiritual leadership in the locations of all four schools and beyond.  To that end we have established a Discipleship Training Center (DTC), which will be my (John’s) primary focus for 2017.  For the desert region of the Samburu, the DTC will serve to equip young men for sharing the gospel and discipling those new Samburu followers of Jesus.  For the other locations where schools are being established, the DTC will serve to equip those with whom God calls us to work in raising up vibrant local bodies of believers.  In the vision of my father, I will continue traveling with various local leaders to other countries in East Africa for the purpose of encouraging pastors and leaders through the message of the Kingdom of God.

  3. To establish local, sustainable solutions to practical financial, physical, medical and spiritual needs in the communities where the schools are being established.

East Africa is rich in natural resources but by supporting local leadership we are helping to develop the greatest resource of all - the people of East Africa!   As people mature in their understanding of personal destiny, purpose and hope in Jesus they will naturally assume a greater role of responsibility, not only personally and within the family unit but also at the community level.  A Kingdom of God culture will naturally ensue in their respective villages and communities!